Taranaki Alpine Club

A TET grant to the Taranaki Alpine Club allowed the Tahurangi lodge downstairs renovation project to proceed

Taranaki Alpine Club greatly appreciated the $10,000 donated by TET to contribute to their Tahurangi Lodge Downstairs Renovation Project. Tahurangi Lodge is situated at 1,520m on Mount Taranaki and is the Club’s biggest asset. Because of its elevated alpine location, it is exposed to harsh environmental mountain conditions in a way that no other hut in New Zealand experiences.

The purpose of the Lodge Downstairs Renovation Project was to upgrade the original 1960’s downstairs layout to provide an improved service to the community as a mountain lodge available for both Taranaki Alpine Club (TAC) members and non-members, including for the various courses, activities and Search and Rescue operations supported by the Lodge. The upgrade enabled a significantly more spacious and effective downstairs layout providing more and improved gear storage, new bathrooms, a more effective drying room, better and safer people flow, and new wall and ceiling linings, floor coating and lighting throughout.

The project was managed by a volunteer Project Manager TAC member and executed using a mix of volunteer TAC members with excellent knowledge of the Lodge as well as local companies including Egmont Property & Inspection Services Ltd for the building works and Garner Holding Ltd for the plumbing works. The construction works commenced in late October 2018 once the mountain access track to the Lodge was sufficiently clear of snow and the finishing touches to the upgrade were complete by May 2019.

The project was funded 25% by TAC club funds and 75% by funds kindly granted from TET, TSB Community Trust, and New Zealand Community Trust. TAC greatly appreciates the grants received as the project would otherwise not have been feasible.

Feedback from those who have used the Lodge so far is that the upgrade is a complete success!!