Shakespeare festival a great success

Nearly 4,000 people engaged during festival

Dixon Lobb, Chairperson of the Stratford Shakespeare Trust, has labeled the 16-day festival as a great success.

"The 2023 Stratford Shakespeare Festival was a celebration of Stratford’s historical connections to the works of William Shakespeare" Lobb said. "Building around these cultural connections; performances, screenings, workshops and lectures that provided a myriad of opportunities for people to engage with stories and characters, but most of all for people to engage with each other, to inhabit the public spaces of Stratford and share  meaningful experiences with others in their community. This was a festival of storytelling and connection. It was a concept that was embraced by the people of Stratford with more three and a half thousand people attending festival events, and a huge amount of positive media coverage generated for the town."

The support received from TET was critical in enabling the event to occur. "Not only did it help us reach an audience of almost 4,000 people to appreciate and engage with the power of theatre and storytelling."