Okoki Outdoor Education Centre refurbished

The refurbishment of the classrooms, replacement of the kitchen ceiling and other repairs has the Okoki Outdoor Education Centre fit for purpose.

Thanks to a grant from the Taranaki Electricity Trust, the Okoki Outdoor Education Centre it back in condition, despite a few obstacles during the refurbishment of the classrooms, the replacement of the kitchen ceiling and other repairs.

"The builder first replaced the crumbling pinex chipboard ceiling, with a more durable material in the kitchen. It was repainted and new downlights installed. The rodent nests and holes in the ceiling are gone. It’s made such a difference," said Robyn O'Leary, the Treasurer for the Trust that owns the Centre.

"The classroom linings were stripped, and everything was cleaned. Insulation was installed, and new tough Ply, with 3 coats of polyurathene installed. We chose a negative detail effect."

In addition an attic ladder was installed so that we can get into the crawl space, also new cupboards, and doors were fitted. The blackboards got repainted. The outside south side of the building and roof was sprayed for lychem.

This project has changed the inside environment dramatically, Robyn says. "We knew we had to repair a lot of the holes, and take out the old panelling which was full of borer, but we never envisioned such a stunning result."

The Old Okoki School will be set to last many many more decades. "We are compliant with NPDC to allow students/all people to stay marae style, and the classrooms are now warmer and cleaner, and remain versatile for the locals initiatives.  We are also proud to be continuing to maintain and preserve this heritage site."