Welcome to the Taranaki Electricity Trust

The Taranaki Electricity Trust is now a Charitable Trust. The Trust receives investment income and this is distributed by way of grants to suitable applicants from the area previously supplied by the Taranaki Electric Power Board.

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Parties Eligible

Applicants may be organisations or individuals but generally would be expected to be from the old Taranaki Electric Power Board district. Individuals who apply would generally be expected to live in the area and in the case of an organisation, the project concerned would be expected to be in the appropriate area. An organisation which is applying may have its office outside of the area but in order to be eligible would have to show that members who are to derive the benefits reside in the Trust area. A grant would only be approved where there would be a benefit to people in the Trust area.

Trust Area

The Trust area is the area previously supplied by the old Taranaki Electric Power Board (in other words if power accounts were paid to Taranaki Electric Power Board then this will be in the Trust area but if power accounts were paid to New Plymouth Energy then this will be outside the area).

The Trust area extends to past Uruti in North Taranaki, includes Waitara, Inglewood, Stratford, Eltham and extends as far south as Te Roti. South of the mountain the west boundary is Awatuna and the eastern boundary extends well inland past Whangamomona. Click here for a map of the exact area.

Taranaki Electricity Trust Elections

Please click here for further information including the official Declaration of Results for 2014.